Shrewish wife and love by the rules: a set of Xanthippe

Shrewish wife and love by the rules: a set of Xanthippe
 Xanthippe was the wife of the famous ancient Greek philosopher Socrates. But it went down in history not only as his wife, but also as a quarrelsome and contentious woman. Her name has become a byword for the beautiful half of society.

When Socrates was often asked about why he so foolish wife, on issues such well-known philosopher replied that she helps him easily find the approach to any person. If he can not tolerate her endless accusations and morals, it is easy to be able to communicate with any other complex. Despite the heavy nature, Socrates lived with his wife for life. However, it is rather an exception to the rule. And philosophy has helped the ancient Greeks in such a difficult test.

According to the Orthodox canons shrewish wife - a punishment for her husband. You must be able to share such things as foolishness and attempts to make her husband's ideal. Many women believe that the constant dissatisfaction they can push their halves to take decisive action. But the ability to inspire his beloved is a complex science. Make the most you can for a husband, but you must act not reproach and humility and kindness.

Absurdity, constant dissatisfaction with life miserable not only the object, but the woman herself. To live with a constant feeling of disappointment in their half of the impossible. Such women assert themselves at the expense of the weak who can not stand up for themselves partners. In his youth, it seems even a certain bravado in front of her friends. But the closer the age, the greater the feeling of dissatisfaction with life. The husband begins to annoy all the stronger, and to rebuke and reproach it already produces immunity.

But often it is very difficult to correct its character, even knowing about their shortcomings. Seeing the obvious shortcomings and failures of her husband, want so much to tell him about it. Avoid constant reproaches and nagging will only patience and constructive suggestions. Not preachy and didactic tone and calm discussion of emerging issues. Become a friend of her husband and advisor, not annoying buzzing fly. If a person annoys you so much that you just are not able to hold back, you do think about the end of such a relationship. Why do you need next to a man who is in you only frustration and negativity? But the most important - is the work on themselves. After all, the more you will be satisfied with themselves, those loyal to your relationship to your loved one.

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