Mother in law - folk horror story?

Mother in law - folk horror story?
 World folklore is replete with horror stories about accidents and daughter-in-law to bully them. Russian proverbs compare past with dogs on chains, called them "svekrovischami." The full version of "The Tale of Sleeping Beauty" Perrault Queen Mother almost eats their unwanted grandchildren, etc.
 The origins of this nightmarish images are apparently in patriarchy. After all, virtually all nations young wife moved to her husband's house. There she fell into her unusual way of life, under the authority of, and often the oppression of her husband's parents.

In Turkey, the daughter of "entry" into the house, crawling between the legs of her mother in law. By the way, the husband's mother was obliged to hang the sheets from the bed of the newlyweds after the wedding night.

In Russia, the young wife threw her maiden girdle in the family home of her husband and mother-in-encircled her own. She then three times with a whip lashed daughter, which meant three thunderstorm - her father, her and her husband. From that moment the parents are able to communicate with her daughter-in-law only in the presence as guests. It is not surprising that the girls are not happy to go into someone's house.

In those days, the mother of the wife of a strictly controlled his wife. It was on its territory, was the mistress of the house, the maternal instinct is still forced her to protect her son. Therefore, daughter-in-law until his death could not have opinions and was rather a servant.

Of course, always in someone else's family is experiencing discomfort. In humans, their sometimes quite unusual traditions and way of life. It remains only to slowly get used to the new order and to reconcile with them, you can gently try to change something.

Currently young usually try to live alone. However, it often hurts the mother of her husband. She begins to feel neglected and unwanted, believes that her son taken away. Sometimes even moving to another city will not save from annoying in-law - there are modern means of communication.

Almost any mother-daughter refers to suspicion. So try to be always calm and friendly. After all, your mother also does not give you to anybody. Mothers always want their children happy, and often their ideas about this do not coincide with the concepts of sons and daughters.

Show your mother-in that you really love her beautiful son - after all, he brought it. And it does not necessarily follow her advice about housekeeping - just simply listen. Remember that two women always agree to the detriment of man. Then in-law can become your best friend.

After all, not all the old stories tell of the terrible relations husband's mother and his wife. For example, the Bible tells the story of Ruth, which is not left-law after the death of her son. She took care of her and, in fact, was the daughter.

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