Men's intimate phobias

Men's intimate phobias
 You think that intimate personal life is trembling fear only for women? However, men were more prone to various prejudices and fears in bed with a woman. What there are male intimate phobias?

The first place is occupied by the fear of men do not meet women's needs and expectations, complete act of love faster than prescribed by the rules of etiquette. In this case, it is typical as inexperienced young people and men of more mature age.

What do you do if your man has a similar problem? Let him know that there are different ways to bring a woman to orgasm. Recommend to your loved one informative articles about women and sex, that he might know what to pay attention to the nuances. And over what does not need to get stuck. In other cases it is possible to see a doctor - andrology. Premature ejaculation is now treated.

Second place in the men's phobias - a fear leave her without pleasure. The problem of female satisfaction has significant importance, as it is the best proof of his male opulence. Play on the vanity of men easily. But you can not torture him in vain. At least admire them during sex, or say a few gentle words after him. Otherwise, you will be the cause of male impotence. Unlike women, men can not direct sexual desire in other areas. No sweets and sport do not reimburse them this communion with the weaker sex.

Third place among men's fears of losing the ability to take a phobia to have sex. As is usually the case - in the most unexpected moment. Is not every man can bear. Even if you are a stunning woman, reassure her man with gentle words at the time of "Oblomov" in sex.

There is one more intimate phobia in men - is to show their inexperience and lack of knowledge about sex. It is because of this fear, women suffer the most trouble. He wants to be on top, but it often fails to bring a woman pleasure. That is very much the kiss, the damage will want to try a new position, and at the same time very awkward. The result of such activities can be very different from violent orgasm to frustration in sex with a man.

Try a more friendly expression to convey to a loved one, what you like, what you like and how you nicer. During sex, tell me what he's doing all right and all of it is needed is to head to the very end. And if you fancy a man and all played out, take the initiative. But the main thing - leave the appearance that he is still leading in the process of sex.

As can be seen, men also have their fears during intimacy. At the time of sexual intercourse a man more worried about his male intimate phobias, than how you look.

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