Marriage and depression: synonyms or antonyms?

Marriage and depression: synonyms or antonyms?
 When preparing for the wedding, it seems to come to expect only happiness, family idyll and harmonious relationship filled with love and respect. After marriage joins two loving hearts and now the character of one spouse is closely intertwined with the other. Converge whether Traits newlyweds whether understanding in the family, whether family life will result in depression of one spouse depends on the wisdom and ability to find a compromise.

Marriage and depression - the concept is absolutely not related to each other. However, the incompatibility of characters spouses capable of causing damage to both moral and spiritual cause discomfort. For example, if one - a leader by nature and accustomed to him blindly followed, the second term of a young family with a similar temperament ready to bend the line of truth. If one does not yield to each other, there will be infringement of the rights and freedoms of a spouse who can look inward and lose interest in their life together. If the stress is accompanied by financial dependence and lack of separate housing options, the spouse has a probability of falling into depression, and the word "marriage" it will cause negative emotions.

Depression can cause routine household chores when the schedule is organized exactly to the minute, and it is repeated day after day, year after year. This family life cause fatigue and will be associated with domestic slavery, when ready, wash, clean, wipe, and reward obtained in the form of careless kiss at best.

Marriage does not cause depression if harmoniously constructed relations between spouses given a chance to be realized in the life of both. Let everyone does what he likes, and in the evening to discuss the day's events, which they directly or indirectly touched. Then the family home will rescue jetty for two loving hearts. When you come home and I am sure that now all the anxiety behind and tenya meet native man, all knowing and a favorite.

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