Male gaze: the image of the ideal wife

Male gaze: the image of the ideal wife
 What is it - a perfect wife? Tall blonde with blue eyes and impressive bust or hostess, day and night to cook cakes and naglazhivayushaya husband shirts? Of what want to see their future wives it is men, will be useful to learn and women, because it is for a strong half of mankind, we're trying so hard to be beautiful and sexy. So what men value among women first?

A woman should be a person and have their own opinion and purpose in life, and the purpose of this trip should not be limited to the registrar in a white dress. Many men believe that their ideal life partner is obliged to strive for success in career or implementation in the works. With such a woman is interesting to talk about, because it is not limited to home and children, and the company is always able to keep the conversation going and be sure to give her husband a reason to be proud of.

Although, there are men who adhere strictly opposite view. Horizons and aspirations for women - is, of course, is good, but first of all it should be the mistress and homemaker. Scour the semi-abandoned apartment in search of clean shirts and food in the refrigerator while the wife makes a career, very few people want. Do not forget that woman - is, first of all, it was a good wife and mother. It is engaged in furnishing his cozy nest and care for her husband and children. Often couples do not attach any importance to this, but every man subconsciously seek precisely to such a woman.

Non-contentious. Very peculiar and ambiguous quality. On the one hand, the woman in the family to be their voice and to be able to defend their own point of view in disputes with her husband. Otherwise, sooner or later it will simply cease to be interesting to him - who wants to live permanently, just listening to yourself? On the other hand, the ability is in any case should not be limited to the ability to create a scandal and play on the nerves. Men, though the stronger sex, female hysteria and squeals long endure not.

The ideal wife in the opinion of men should be beautiful. Well, of course, but how could it be otherwise. Of course, beauty - a relative term and everyone is their own, but still there is hardly a man in the world, the ability to recognize the fact that he wants to marry a lady frankly terrible. In love can be, and often all it really is blind, but if we consider beauty as the outward manifestation of women's health - the desire to have a beautiful wife with good reason. Such a woman will give birth to healthy heirs, and in the intervals between the husband will give an additional reason to be proud in front of friends and family.

A woman should be smart. Not a professor, of course (although this also may be), but not a complete fool. With clever wife can talk, ask her advice and even gain experience, is not ashamed to show it off to friends and may well be proud of the fact that it is able to support any conversation. Um, of course, should not be too obvious benefits. In any case, the husband is always the head of the family.

Remember that the ideal woman as the perfect man, and there can not be. You can only try to get closer to the ideal, but it is your identity and otherness in the template to make you the one that will be loved by my husband really.

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