Is there love in a marriage?

Is there love in a marriage?
 During the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds all sure that they will live in love happily ever after. But it often happens that after two or three years, a love that seemed eternal, suddenly disappears, the family boat breaks up on life, between husband and wife there is a wall of alienation. Is it always this happens, or there is still love in marriage?

After the wedding, many comes disappointment in marriage. When the young are faced with life's difficulties, with the ordinary, every day with the need to solve some problems of everyday life, the tall, blond feelings disappear, their place comes discontent partner. Loved one no longer seems so perfect, you suddenly notice an unpleasant character traits that had not manifested. And it seems that your love melts and disappears.

To save their feelings for years to come, you must be able to understand each other. When disappears understanding, and love disappears. The couple exchanged just empty phrases that relate to the necessary domestic issues. They fear the elucidation of relationships, so they are trying to silence get sharp corners. But at the same time accumulate unspoken recriminations and dissatisfaction with each other. And it has become the most devastating for marriage. It is necessary to pronounce all of the situation, not to save the offense inside and quietly listen to mutual claims and try to solve the problem.

In marriage, except for sexual compatibility, you must also spiritual understanding of each other. You must be friends, interested in the affairs of their halves. Even if you can not give good advice in addressing professional issues, you can just listen carefully to the problem of spouse. This will give him confidence, strengthen your feelings. Be interested in the plans of each other, to express their desires.
Spend their free time together. Let you be the common interests not only in improving their well-being and education of children. Interested in travel, joint visit to the theater or sports halls. Indeed, a common hobby helps to maintain feelings.

Try to calmly go through the stages of the crisis of marriage. Everyone knows that there are certain times when feelings become dull, come first psychological problems. In the first years of life together is associated with the appearance of the child, in adulthood - a midlife crisis. Try with a special understanding towards your beloved at this time, not to aggravate the situation, otherwise you can easily destroy your marriage.

Of course, with time on their wedding nights passion goes, but it does not mean that love disappears. Indeed, over the years it is in marriage appear more delicate and deep relationship between two loving hearts.

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