If your father has got a mistress ...

If your father has got a mistress ...
 For many daughters dad - a perfect man. It not only looks presentable, always says clever things and in general all dads example, but also madly in love with my mother. Or is not it? What to do and think, if Dad got a mistress?

Usually our dads for treason pushing something very important to find your own or with my mother such a cause. After all, if you liquidate it, this crisis could pass your family, and everything will be as before.

The first reason: the crisis

At the age of 45-55 years in men usually comes a turning point in the life of the crisis and at this age they tend to give birth to a mistress. If the reason is treason became a crisis, then you need to fight with him. The main symptoms - self-doubt, the search for young friends, extreme hobbies. You in this case, it is important to show that the Pope still love young and still is for you as an example.

The second reason: the situation in the family

On the Edit men often pushes tensions in the family. To eliminate this reason you should work hard. In this case, it will depend on all of you, and not from the tearful mother and utterly confused dad. Start with general cleaning, after arrange a family dinner and call old friends of the family, to go along on vacation or out of town.

Reason Three: Mom

It is possible that your dad is no longer attracted to my mother, who has recently ceased to care for themselves and are increasingly spending time near the TV. Here it is necessary to take up the mother. Minimum program: a beauty salon, shops. Maximum program: vacation abroad, better - spa resort.

Reason Four: out of love.

It is possible that the pope has ceased to feel any feelings for her mother, he stopped loving her. The challenge in this case to help dad love mom again. To get started is to correct the appearance of my mother, and then send the parents together on vacation. In this case, the ideal route to this vacation route dubbed their joint honeymoon.

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