If the husband works at home

If the husband works at home
 If the office of her husband is a private apartment, from which he only goes to meet with the employer, or even works through the Internet, on this ground, as it may seem, there is a lot of conflict on the issue of family responsibilities.
 Try not to repeat the mistakes of some women who carried out violent "dispute" with their husbands, figuring out who should do the housework. When my husband works somewhere out of sight, his wife quietly cleaned the apartment, cook and wash. After working out is automatically defined as a valid reason for non-participation in domestic affairs. But if the husband is constantly before the eyes or stay at home, when you run into his office, his work somehow seems less important. It is not necessary to take offense at what he does not want to help you around the house in the middle of the workday. Imagine that a husband is not at home. This will save yours, and his nerves.

Creative professions require tranquility and concentration, so you have to create a favorable environment in the house for normal humans. No matter where your husband arranged - at the dinner table or in the office. The main thing that it was convenient, and you at this time is better just forget about his presence. Quietly about their business. Suppress the urge to talk and do not distract him with questions about anything.

In any job, regardless of whether it happens in the office or home computer are "ups and downs". It can be obtained quickly or, conversely, bad move. Man it's frustrating, only one - experiencing the failures quiet, and the other at this time tearing your hair out. If you see that something similar is happening with your husband, do not climb under his hand, give him the opportunity to deal with their difficulties. If he needs your help, you will always be able to support it.

In the event that your apartment is small and her husband do not have a stand-alone desktop space, try to be quiet, and teach your children to this. It is clear that no sane child can not a day to be quiet, so try to come to terms with her husband in advance of when a child can run around and make some noise, and even better if their games and entertainment will be together.

In a situation where both of you are working from home, you should agree in advance not to interfere with each other, and household responsibilities can be played either by one or together. If you go to work for the day and we are confident that the husband is obliged to prepare for the arrival of your dinner, talk to him about it. If he knows how to cook, you will likely be able to do it without any problems.

This also applies to household duties. Negotiate everything at once, so that in future there were no recriminations about not nailed down or repaired cistern. By the way, if your husband - a good professional in his work and earns a lot of money, but nothing about tanks or nails, it makes sense to invite experts to repair, not "stretch" your other half. In any case, you should always clearly spell out what you expect from each other.

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