If the husband lost his job

If the husband lost his job
 Until recently, your husband is always somewhere in a hurry and was late home from work late and very tired. And today, he suddenly found himself out of work. How to support a spouse has lost a job and make the period of unemployment for it less painful?

An unemployed man often feels lost and unsettled. Especially if the work was prestigious, bring moral satisfaction and allowed him to fully provide for the family. In case of a woman requires, first of all, emotional support. But do not regret it. The man - not a little boy, and this attitude of his or overly relaxed, or offend. A truly individual spouse should always be able to give the man advice.

Try to convince them that lost their jobs was not the best option. Even if your husband all arranged (which is rare), you can always find a better option. The more that current trends are calling not to stay in one place. Convince wife that go through a period of searching for a new job you quite a force.

Try to minimize the cost and time to give up on large purchases. Ideally, each family should be an emergency ration for survival within six months. If not, you can ask to borrow from relatives or friends who are able to get in position and in no hurry to return.

Help her husband to start looking for work. The longer your husband will sit and wait for that job will find him, so much the worse. Offer him a list of recruitment agencies, newspapers with vacancies, Internet sites specializing in recruitment.

Send it to resume by organizations that are in need of such specialists, how is your husband. "Cast the bait" to friends and acquaintances - someone will always be able to give useful advice.

While the man is free from work, try to take it with something useful. But do household chores, and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. Let held training courses, learn to be allied profession or learn English.

Very often a man, despite the obvious lack of money, does not want to take up low-paid or low-status jobs. In this position has its rational - a good engineer or manager as a courier is likely to lose his self-respect and the respect of friends.

However, if other options are not expected, to work, allowing to make ends meet, to get necessary. The main thing that it was still a temporary shelter. And helped his wife to treat such a situation with humor.

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