Husband plays. Is it possible to save a marriage

Husband plays. Is it possible to save a marriage
 Compulsive gambling captures and enslaves with incredible force. Every year it covers more and more different people, since expanding field of activity for the players. Lately, especially popular are the online game in which the action takes place in real time. These games do not allow the press to pause or stop, because gamers are always in fear that during his absence, something can go wrong.

Psychologists was drawn portrait of the typical modern gamers. This is a man aged between 18 and 45 years, residents of large cities, which is dissatisfied with the way he develops family life, dissatisfied with the professional and social status. Such a man is by nature inclined to adventures, in real life he wants to escape from the failures in the game world. Impulsiveness, mood swings and scandalous - it's much poison the lives of people living under the same roof with the player. The hardest thing has to his wife, who is forced to constantly endure its dependence or fight with it, as well as children who do not receive the necessary attention from his father.

In this situation, you must seek professional help. However, there may be difficult. It is very rare that gamers recognize such problems. In this case, if he has the desire to keep your family, then you have to fight gambling.

The first thing to understand is why gamers do not recognize the existence of the problem. The thing is that the game is for them to have a significant and emotional than the rest of life. Therefore, the problems in reality, they have no special significance. Try to talk to her husband at the time, when he's not playing, when it is possible to reach. Do not threaten divorce, and tell her husband about the fact that he spends on his game a tremendous amount of time, effort and energy, as well as many resources you spend on something to overcome his addiction. Convince him that the best of these resources to pay for your family.

Often to the game spent a lot of money. If you have such a situation, then count at least approximately all costs. Then tell her husband that he could buy with that money. To purchase was a stimulus, it should actually be desired and a real possibility. For example, not a vacation in the Caribbean, and a new car. Maybe not your husband have any physical problems that you do not even know. Maybe he was trying to solve them, winning the money game. Help to find out can only confidential conversation.

Perhaps someone at work suppresses your husband, or maybe you are hard pressed on him, but in the game he just express themselves, trying to become the first. In this case, try to redirect his energy and aspirations in a different direction. Help your husband find favorite hobby, which it really is good.

Moments that are often withdrawn from his wife gamers are as follows: husband specifically provokes a family quarrel. To eventually "take offense" and go play. At the same time, however difficult it may be, will be collected and in any case not to succumb to provocation.

Treat gambling as a real disease. Do not get mad at her, looking for the guilty, and just do everything to cure this disease.

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