How to understand her husband

How to understand her husband
 The dispute in the family - a frequent thing, but if a couple listens to each other, the other does not want to compromise. Constant conflicts lead to the disintegration of couples, so learn to understand her husband.  
 Stop partner to hold a grudge, better think of it, how to do so that the halves came the desire to fulfill your request. Maybe you promise to his wife something nice or create certain conditions to perform tasks.

Learn how to make concessions. First of all, the relationship between two people should be based on a sense of responsibility for the family. It is important to understand that he wants a loved one. Do not blame him that he does not want to help you, and do not reproach him for this. You have to understand itself and put yourself in your spouse.

 But the situation may be different. Comes to the fact that all attempts to understand a loved one break on the wall of misunderstanding and violence. Try to make a decision: stay or go.

Take a sheet of paper and write in column 2 good reasons to be with her husband or leave it. Maybe you will have more reason to take a loved one for what it really is.

Take care of yourself. You must pay attention to the man. But while the husband should be confident in your faithfulness. Trust - is the foundation of a strong family. Be it for a mysterious woman who wants to solve permanently.

Often spend time together: go to the movies, theater, walk in nature, organize surprise gifts, speak kind words. This will make the diverse family life. You will be grateful to each other and become a wife to understand at a glance. The main thing - to be natural, it is easier to look at some things.

Endorses the actions of his beloved. After all, you love compliments, that he needed. Says more about its advantages than disadvantages. It should feel like a real man, which has sole responsibility to care and their families. Spouse must accept not only your love and devotion, but also support.

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