How to teach your husband accuracy

How to teach your husband accuracy
 Some married women, talking among themselves "about her, about women," as agreed, begin chorus complaining husbands terribly sloppy. Things in place do not put all scatter, for a not removed, ask for something to do around the house - dissolve dirt on a construction site. Forces no longer tolerate it. Tried and swear, and trouble, and cry, even threatened to divorce - to no avail. Why are these men are sloppy, and how to influence them?
 Women find husbands behave so out of laziness. Accustomed to, they say that they have a free house maid. Of course, it happens. But in most cases the reason is quite different. Simply men do not attach much importance to an order and accuracy, for them it is not the most important thing. For women, it may sound funny, strange, even shocking, but true. Incidentally, in the same way men seem funny, weird or even outrageous that the majority of women in the form of a tiny mouse harmless begin piercing scream.

Understand one simple thing: men other in everything. They quite frankly do not understand why women can fall or angry or depressed at the sight of things lies not in its place. And try to accustom them to order swearing, scandals, tears, threats of divorce, it is generally the height of stupidity. We must act with tenderness and not directly but in a roundabout way, with a truly feminine skill and cunning. "My dear, I'm so tired today, you'd helped me a lot, if you did that and then some." Do not forget to immediately clarify: "You're so strong." And praise! Do not spare the kind words whenever he shows the slightest initiative. It is good to remember. Husband instinctively want to hear those words again and again and will support at least some order.

By agreement with her husband Take home a corner where he can clean only. For example, on your desktop or in the closet, where are his tools. Vowed that without his knowledge and permission will not touch anything there. And in a sign of reciprocal gesture of goodwill, for example, take him promise not to throw their dirty things around the room, and put them in the laundry basket. Or regularly wash their dishes. Unobtrusively monitor how it fulfills its promise. And praise! Remember: "Porridge oil will not spoil."

Do not attempt to do the impossible: to break the character of her husband, to remake it in his own way. Remember, men akkuratistov little. And still do not know you would be happy with such a husband. It's usually picky and nerdy people. Therefore, if you managed to get from her husband to comply with even the most basic procedure, consider yourself lucky.

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