How to learn to be a wife

How to learn to be a wife
 Every man wants to have a good wife - a loving, kind, caring and attractive. However, not all women by nature have the talent to be a good wife. Therefore, many families break up because men run from unsettled life, from family quarrels, from the tortured life, unattractive women ...
 Each of the fair sex should be prepared for family life and understand that the ability to be a good wife - a true talent that is necessary to develop and improve constantly.

According to the survey, many men do not marry my girlfriend simply because they are afraid of losing freedom, which is so dear. Keep this in mind and to leave her man "free space" even when you have become husband and wife. Remember: your spouse has its own interests, hobbies, friends, and if he does lose, freedom-loving nature and may rebel.

Every wise woman knows that a strong man's wife is always weak. How so? "- Surely ask you, and begin to transfer its own merits. We do not doubt you, and smart, and independent (not even self-sufficient), and a nail hammer and a light bulb change in which case you can. But that's when the question: why do you actually need a husband?

Remember, men like to feel superior, to be leaders, including - and at home. There are many families where it is the stronger sex doing laundry and cooking soup, and women, meanwhile, deal with them and their children.

Think, do not you want to at least occasionally feel a gentle, defenseless creature, sit back and relax? Let your man show itself - it would be nice to feel that without his help is indispensable. And be sure to praise him for the work - let the spouse will be an incentive to constantly perform household chores.

Every man wants to be comfortable in the house to smell of homemade food to the cozy family nest were looking forward to a loving wife and children. Take care of your husband - do not devote themselves to it, namely worry. Tasty feed, pat his shirt - all this will not take long, but it will be very nice.

Do not forget about your own appearance - care concerns, and a woman should look attractive in any circumstances. And finally, the most important thing. In order to become a good wife (yes, in fact, as a good husband), you need to truly love their soul mate. Love one another with all my heart - and be happy!

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