As sex promotes marriage, or when it is necessary to begin a sexual relationship?

As sex promotes marriage, or when it is necessary to begin a sexual relationship?
 Very many women care about this question: when should start to engage in sex with a man, that relationship did not end on this very sex, and grew into something bigger and present. Universal answer to this question, of course, does not and can not be. But there are some basic principles to follow that a woman can expect from their partner's interest and long cherished marriage proposal.

You need to have sex. Now times have free manners, and women can get married at thirty and much later. It used to be the girls were married off to the age of fourteen, so then the question of sexual health was not and could not be. Today, in order not to fall into the hospital with a neurosis or some more serious sore, women need to have sex, and regularly. So it makes sense to enter into an intimate relationship with a man, of course. The only question is when.

Able women to men, as a rule, are not interested. They cause a certain desire, but no more. Both men are women, according to sex from the very first meeting, quite differently from those who know his worth. Break too, of course, is not worth it. And if you see that a man is nice and you do not go away for more decisive action, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Remember, however, that men are much more important than the physical contact of the spiritual. That is why they often want sex from a woman and nothing more. Not exactly Decide what do you need this man, you can and it confusing and did not get what dreamed.

Should not forget about the other side of this issue. The fact that men, unlike women perceive the world and particularly in relation through physical strength and physical contact. If a woman is important, first of all, love, men want sex. But it is through sex, he can open up in a relationship and your partner to show their true attitude. Refuse a man in sex is not necessary, because it is a natural need. As strong as the need for a woman in love. In addition, women need less time to sort out their feelings. A man needs a long time to weigh everything, only then he can make the final decision. A sexual contact will help him in this, make no mistake.

At the same time, a man is important to understand that you agree to have sex just because it is valuable to you, and not because they are ready to jump into bed every comer. If the time to put certain conditions and refuse to have sex on the first or second date, you can quickly understand why you need a particular man. If he is not willing to wait - so not your option, but if you willing to respect your feelings and desires, it is possible to develop a long-term relationship.

It was at first sex dating two men often leads them astray and makes love to take for true love. But if you refrain for a while, feelings may get stronger and appear in its true light. And that, believe me, the best thing you can do for laying the foundation of your future relationships. If you want one day to hear the cherished marriage proposal, be prepared to wait a bit, not only treasured ring.

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