Unhappy marriage dangerous loneliness

Unhappy marriage dangerous loneliness
 Is it worth it to cling to a marriage in which there is no happiness, only because of fear of loneliness - a moot point. In solitude has its definite advantages, and it does not degrade the quality of life, while an unhappy marriage might entail a real deterioration of health.

Each person has his own notion of happiness in marriage. Some are not satisfied with the material conditions, others do not have enough sensibility and understanding in relationships. But before you call family life failed, it must be remembered that the present crisis in the relationship even deeply loving spouses.

Unfortunately, life is killing romance, and cohabitation often reveals new qualities of the second half, which were unknown before, and in clarifying not encouraging. But through it all are people and break the relationship is much easier than trying to adjust them. If the lack of happiness is not related to those situations where there is a systematic humiliation by a spouse, it makes sense to at least try to understand each other.

In cases when a man allows himself to dismiss his hands or verbally humiliate a woman, then break that relationship immediately. Such behavior has no justification, and it is one of the few cases where such an unhappy family life can not lead to anything good for all its members.

If cohabitation is perceived as a heavy burden, then continue it has no special meaning. Constant tension that accompanies such a marriage has a negative impact on health. Fear of loneliness - it's not the best reason to save the family. Making a decision about divorce, you need to make a start on what further because there simply is not possible, and not worry about how life will continue.

Why do so many women, even if there is no happiness in marriage, afraid to even think about divorce? Even if we assume that in the future to create a new family does not succeed, loneliness - it's not nostalgia, and freedom, unencumbered by performing opostylevshih obligations. The fact that it is possible to dispose of his own life on your own, there is a certain charm about it and it should be remembered always.

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