Seven unusual places to explore

Seven unusual places to explore
 Discovering possible anywhere. But if you want your first meeting will be remembered more for its originality, and then choose unusual places for dating. Moreover, that and find a loved one can be a very extraordinary and interesting.

Gym, bar and on the street ... It's already so trite and boring. And like some raisins, therefore, make a rating of unusual places to explore.

Option one - on any courses. Especially good and logical to look for a future partner in the creative workshops. For example, in the classroom or floristic design art. There are going personality original and creative. This means that knowledge can be simply enchanting. Especially because you will already have a common theme to continue the conversation.

Second place - walking in the yard with pets. Help a third party (in this case, as a rule, dogs) greatly facilitates the process of dating. Motivated by love for our younger brothers can be great to start a conversation, and then translate it to other topics. You can walk as an invitation to use the wording: "Would you walk with such a charming little dog? ". Especially well this method works for girls, because they can not just pass by furry creatures.

The third option dating - in transport. But not in public, but in the fact that long-distance walks: trains, planes. Firstly, say psychologists, it is convenient from the point of view of an enclosed space. Due to the limited movement of the object easier you like to be surprised. However, only provided that it is not opposed. Secondly, you are a little bit but you can learn his habits: he prefers to read, what music to listen to, what movies to watch.

In fourth place - meeting on the sports ground. This can be a stadium where you come as a fan. Alternatively, you can meet friends in the pool where you do. Or just skating on the yard or playground. The main thing is that once again unites the two of you have a theme. You can suggest liked the young man or woman to offer a ride together / learn / practice (options can be a lot). And nice to know that your new friend is a healthy way of life, and therefore bad habits he will have a minimum.

Fifth position - love and music. A special place in the column Me take all possible musical events. At the concert, a short presentation on the open area open air and you can easily find like-minded people. The main thing is that the musical tastes you will be the same, and not have to quarrel over the fact that someone wants to listen to rock, and someone - the blues.

The sixth option - specialized repair shops. Here you can have the person they ask for advice about what is happening in your home repair, to get accustomed to the one who from visitors especially economic. And also quite simple to figure out, the object is free or busy.

And finally, the seventh option - acquaintance at a party for intellectuals. Here the risk to meet "dumb blonde" is reduced to zero. All participants exceptionally smart. You can even for fun with someone of them face off level IQ. It will be fun.

In general, wherever you are familiar with - it will be an unforgettable meeting. Not least because the two of you met at this time, in this place.

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