Seven myths about the bachelor life

Seven myths about the bachelor life
 The concept of "bachelor" has become an everyday, and today it refers to all unmarried men. About them compose a lot of myths, not all of which are truthful.
 To get started is to decide on the meaning of the word "bachelor". This is not just a man, not officially married. Is someone who deliberately refuses to serious relationships with women to serve their needs, and, above all, freedom and lack of accountability. There are many myths about how to live these men, and among them are many such, the creators of which were too far from the bachelor life.

Bachelors living in uncleared apartments and have a variety of everyday problems, their fridge is empty, except for a few beers and a moldy piece of sausage. This belief probably arose after talking with several representatives of the male gender, living alone, and allow yourself to admit failure to comply with the elementary rules of hygiene. In fact, it all depends on the person. And a bachelor, and someone's legal spouse may be as sluts and neat people.

The intimate life of a bachelor diverse and rich. Not always. Yes, theoretically unrelated against men can afford to replace parnershi though every evening, but in fact bachelors often spend their free time alone or in the company of male friends. Do not forget that some forces to become celibate life. They are simply afraid of relationships and do not know how to behave with the weaker sex, so about a variety of sexual life they dream of.

The budget is always a bachelor's free money. Myth. Married men spend money on family, but not descend bachelors less on themselves. Constant trips to the clubs, restaurants, spending on clothes and accessories - all this takes a salary and sometimes drives into debt.

Bachelors achieve greater career heights. Today, such an assertion is absolutely myths. Major companies who care about their image, just do not let man not with the conventional worldview take leadership positions, because it affects the reputation of the entire corporation. Of course, the bachelors can afford to stay at work late, do not come back from trips for months, but still welter of private life affects and professional qualities.

Bach - diffident man with a bunch of complexes of childhood. It does happen, but there are men who entered the bachelor life consciously, knowing what they want, and most importantly - they do not want out of life.

Bachelors equated misogynist. Absolutely untrue. Bachelor life - the whole world, and not the result of a single case of failure in relationships. On the contrary, such a person is free to communicate with women, not appreciating it as a possible mother of his children, and as a person.

Any bachelor - eligible bachelor and lover. Unfortunately, succumbing to the influence of this myth, women repeatedly disappointed in the men's field. Today bachelors cause apprehension, but the free guys attract. In the same bed bachelors are not always on top, it all depends on the reasons for his retraining in a man of this type. Perhaps complexes and insults do not allow him to build even intimate relationships with the opposite sex.

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