Prodigal husband back ... What to do?

Prodigal husband back ... What to do?
 Despair woman suddenly abandoned her husband, great. During this period, it is important to find a foothold in life. But time heals all wounds, suffering and pain subside, and often there is an opportunity and a desire to re-build their personal lives. All is well if it no one and nothing in the way. Will fare worse case, by any chance on me remind ex-husband.
 He only likes you?

Imagine one day the doorbell rings, and on the verge of ex-husband with a bouquet of flowers, champagne and the phrase: "I'm sorry, I never for a moment ceased to love you. Let's start all over again. " At the moment, you can simultaneously cover two wishes: to jump on the neck and drive. So how do you do?

In order to properly assess the situation, you are better to be alone for a while. If there is an opportunity to leave, better do it. Try to analyze the reasons why you divorced ex-husband. Determine what is to blame for it, and what - you are.

Ask yourself a few questions and answer them honestly: "Will the now your relationship? "," How is this possible? "" On what conditions are you willing to live with him? "," Should I re-created on the new change? "" Is there a future "new" relationship with ex-husband? ". Answer these questions independently and alone.

Do not be afraid of your emotions

If you decide not to renew the relationship with her husband, tell him about it over the phone. In a personal meeting quite easy to lose control of the situation, to engage in dialogue, in which it can be stronger and smarter than you. On his decision to let short, clear and, most importantly, without unnecessary logical, emotional, and other explanations.

You can probably feel guilty about her husband, when you tell him "no." But at the moment you do not need to focus on his feelings, to care for him and spare him.

If your feelings are still ambivalent, do not rush to make a final decision. It is better to use the help of a specialist. Problems and difficulties which have once caused the break, and should be allowed to leave in the past forever.

Remember tablets family happiness does not happen. Therefore, when deciding rely only on themselves.

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