Myths and Truths about fashion for women from the province

Myths and Truths about fashion for women from the province
 This is not a new trend - the provincial capital's wife in men. Girls have always sought to settle in Moscow, and the young people wanted to get hard-working wives complaisant. Such marriages are not uncommon, but whether they are happy man and a woman?
 Men who want to start a family, are increasingly turning their eyes looking to the province, because the capital "stuff" spoiled and incredibly demanding. Young people need to be wealthy, with your own home, with a good education and training, to get Muscovite. At the same time the girl herself feels super prize, and does not think of the household and children. Metropolitan women seeking to make a career and to know all the ways of entertainment that they have prepared the night life in Moscow.

Against this background, country girl man seems fresh, ingenuous and simple. Recently grooms took fashion to come for a whole group of brides. Arriving in the provincial capital N on the weekend, they stroll through the busy streets and get acquainted with pretty provincial. Some use to create your database numerous dating sites, where a lot of girls from all over Russia.

The bulk of the bride comes from big cities: Perm, Novgorod, Saratov, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Voronezh, Tula and other regional centers. Men believe that the local ladies combines all the necessary qualities to them: docile nature, a decent education, business, and education.

Brides from villages, villages and towns metropolitan grooms do not take. They believe that the level of culture in these girls is low, and the ability to milk a cow in Moscow is not useful.

"Advanced" provincial differ little from the Muscovites, they do not expect happiness at the window, and his own forge. So that the groom can get instead of docile wife to please him the same demanding "fifochku", but without Moscow registration.

This couple may face serious difficulties related to differences in education, worldview and cultural traditions. If husband and wife will initially act as a team, helping each other, they have a good chance of a long and happy life.

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