My husband - gigolo

My husband - gigolo
 Most women dream of a strong and reliable man who can provide for their families. Themselves in this case, the woman takes parenting. Unfortunately, in life there are times when the husband is Alfonso prefers to live at the expense of his partner. Recognize these men not so difficult, but it is necessary to be careful.

If you do not want to be in a situation where a man is merely being his partner, try from the start to look closely to the relationship his actions and behavior. The first wake-up call for you should be a request to lend him money. In most cases, the amount each day is becoming more and more. However, none of the ruble does not return to your wallet.

In addition, there are many "symptoms" that can warn you when you approach gigolo. In this list, the following points:
On the first date a man sings praises. However, upon closer acquaintance he forgets purses, begins to make excuses, etc.

 Most meetings are held with the man in your territory. At the same time you cook dinner, and the partner does not bring cakes or wine.

The man did not try to drag you into bed. Ultimately, you yourself took the initiative in their own hands.
Even in ordinary situations man starts to admire you, lavish compliments, etc. Sometimes it may seem disingenuous.

A man asks a lot of questions that affect the conditions of your life, circle of friends, work and life prospects as a whole. Escaped his attention and parents who pursue their favorite child.
From all questions about his life, Alphonse very skillfully evades, easily translates subject. In the end, the man knows everything about you, and you can not even remember where it works.

All quarrels and conflicts gigolo settles very quickly with the help of tactile contact, smiles humbly, etc. He never argues, is willing to stay guilty in a given situation. The main thing that you were happy. Such emotional adulation he tries to tame you.

A man in a relationship with you trying to evoke pity.
Of course, these symptoms may also occur in quite ordinary men. Although you still need to look at your partner, so you do not have to complain about their friends for life. After all, the husband-gigolo can for many years to sit on your neck.

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