Male and female psychology: similarities and differences

Male and female psychology: similarities and differences
 There is a whole science of psychology of different sexes - gender psychology. Opening experts in the field with confidence indicate that the differences between men and women in the perception of life. But is it really so big it?
 Psychologists have identified four criteria by which representatives of different strong and weak floors. This aggressiveness, math ability, verbal skills, orientation in space.

What people see themselves? Stronger sex better landmark, solves complex math problems, is not afraid of his aggressiveness, rational and purposeful. Women are much more emotional, sociable, freely express themselves in any society, very sensual and caring.

In general, it is correct. How wonderful noticed in Humoresque Dave Barry, women need love, understanding and care, and men - in the ticket for the World Cup.

For the purpose of man - this is important. For women, the main thing - the process. If a man once to eat candy, the first woman of her see through and see the filling. Woman relaxing, walking to the shops, and a man wandering aimlessly tires. Understanding these differences is able to remove most of the family quarrels.

Woman, talking about their problems, expects sympathy husband, and the husband sees her maxims only veiled plea for help. What exactly help, he does not know and becomes angry. It is clear that the wife is not expected this response. A man just say that it requires compassion, it can not always. For her, it would be a very natural reaction. This is how myths are born of men "thick skin" and female "stupidity."

Of course, the similarities between different sexes is much more than differences. The same cultural environment teaches us a similar reaction of the surrounding events. Formation blurs the boundaries between the average representatives sexes in terms of mathematical ability or skills of speech. But existing psychological differences dictated by physiology or education, must take into account when dealing with the opposite sex.

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