If divorce is inevitable

If divorce is inevitable
 Whatever the divorce, welcome or sudden, long or fast, it's always powerful stress, crisis ordeal. How did it survive unchallenged and complications?
 If divorce is inevitable, unavoidable and pain afterwards, depression, frustration. That it is not a serious condition lasted a long time, do not tighten the abyss of despair - not to withdraw into themselves, try to express the trouble by any means. You can cry from the heart, it is possible to vent resentment, anger on the pillow, a good beating her. A good way: pour their emotions on paper to describe all the details with the smallest detail. And then destroy, break into small pieces written - if you destroy the pain, black heart and soul.

You need to realize that everything is finished, return to the marriage relationship is impossible. Perceive it as a dry fact: do not blame yourself, do not scold. On the contrary, try to treat yourself with love and with affection as a child. Indulge their whims, caprices. Do every day something nice, happy for myself, improves mood.

To make it easier to get out of the crisis, it is useful to make a phased plan for this output. Perform general cleaning of the apartment - let this be the first step to overcome the crisis. All the things that remind us of the former husband, fold and store in bags with eyes away. What to do with them further then you think, when emotions poutihnut.

Think carefully about how to tell a divorce, friends, your children, parents, neighbors, colleagues. Prepare and even rehearsed speech, you will feel more confident, more daring. Do not ignore thoughts about finances. Most likely, not only income but also the cost has now changed: you will spend less on food, household items.

Another plus: free time will be longer. And they need to properly dispose of structurally not lie on the couch and stare mindlessly at the TV, and enroll in foreign language courses, go to the gym, do finally her figure, to take care of health.

Most importantly - safely look to the future and believe in themselves. What will your life after divorce - depends on you, on your desire. And it can be a beautiful, bright and vibrant - that if you really want to.

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