How to understand a man's logic

How to understand a man's logic
 Very often, the fair sex are faced with the inability to understand the logic of men, though in most cases it is much more primitive than female. Apparently, women are used to complicate things and make elephants fly. How to understand the basic principles of logical thinking your favorite?
 Every woman is difficult to comprehend the logic of the man she loved. Only with the years of living together comes a gradual understanding of why he does so, and not otherwise, and what motivates. But all possible difficulties should not stop you from trying to understand his way of thinking.

Logic, helping him to make decisions in their daily lives, most often based on the findings resulting from a reasonable chain of logic, without any admixture of intuition, ready-made solutions and paronormalschiny. Men usually think very specifically, trying to get to the bottom. Moreover, in their arguments often they use deductive method of thinking - from general to specific. For example, if a young person sees that many women change their people, he would think that his fiancee, sooner or later will do the same. Building a logical chain of any macho often tries to avoid the influence of emotions, considering them irrelevant and even superfluous.

Differences between male from a female thinking often give rise to serious grievances with the ladies. For example, a girl, due to the increased intuition and observation, can be quite clear about what you want it for your loved one at this time. Does he need food, caring, funny joke or better to leave it for some time alone. While men need to explain what it is you want to get away from him, why, why. Gentleman difficult for your facial expressions, gestures, expression of the eyes to understand that you feel sad or you are offended at him. And if its a direct question about whether everything is OK, you say that all is well, he will remain in full confidence that you really everything is normal.

Do not expect your loved one to think that it will be just like you, one hundred percent understanding you. Study it and disclose themselves. Only then will you be able to eventually achieve a true understanding.

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