How to return a sense of husband

How to return a sense of husband
 Many years of marriage is converted into the habit of living together, the passion fades, romance disappears and gray routine and dissatisfaction with life. From this it is practically impossible to be saved. After a few years of life begins to stick, relations are moving to another level. Now, you can hardly be called spouses, you just become roommates. Almost no common interests, and jointly conducted recreation and now every man for himself.  
 After a while you start to realize clearly that her husband does not love you anymore. He ignores all requests, not paying any attention to your presence, because feelings have faded. Demand from him, that he loved just pointless. Action is needed otherwise.

First of all, look at yourself in the mirror. After your spouse married to a slim, well-groomed and romantic girl, and got untidy, always dissatisfied with something overweight woman. Take care of your appearance. First of all, change the old shabby robe to something more sexy, visit the beauty salon, change her hairstyle. If you have always been long-haired blonde, it's time to be cropped brunette. Bought cosmetics and start every day to take care of their appearance. Choose a suitable diet to lose a few extra pounds.

Try to understand what your spouse does not suffice. Remember how you defiantly crockery rattled when he came drunk after a meeting with friends or brought them home in a quiet environment to watch football. In fact, he did so rarely, and every time you have expressed to him their dissatisfaction with these gatherings, arranging scandals. It's time to let him know that you do not mind visitors, and you just need to meet more often with friends and leave her husband for a short time with the children.

Move your bad mood and frustration away. Learn how to meet her husband to work in a good mood and with a smile on his lips. Do surprises in the form of a candlelit dinner. Let him think about why you are so changed. Remained a mystery, he quickly noticed how you prettier. Do not forget that all men love to be praised, so try to do it more often. Tell me what he's good, what he done and he was just the perfect man. Always thank him for all that he does. Gradually, relations improve, and feelings of her husband back.

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