How to make friends in-law

How to make friends in-law
 Happy family life - is not only harmonious relations of the spouses. This seemingly simple love duet is always a third person - in-law. As a rule, it is a long time may not realize that the son grew up, and in his life, a new "main" woman - his wife. Therefore, a negative attitude to the mother-daughter can understand and try to forgive. Clever daughter always find the key to the heart of the mother of the elect, if you value your family happiness.

Pledge of a long and happy married life - a friendship with her mother in law. Even if you come conflicts with her husband, mother in law has always come to the rescue: the only ones able to curb his "naughty little son." This means that the friendship-in-law - is essential.

To be in good standing with his mother in law never need to fawn in front of her. Women aged feel much thinner insincerity and flattery. Better to be sensitive and tactful. Then the negative mood in-law go away, because, you see, it is difficult to perceive hostile friendly mood.

Not have to be best friends with her mother in law. Enough respect. It is much older, more experienced and wiser, and these qualities are already worthy of respect. You can ask for advice, especially since it takes mom husband pleasure. This does not mean that you need to adhere to all points of view, just listen to it.

One of the most important aspects of becoming good relations-in-law are different roof over their heads. This has many advantages. Firstly, do not have to listen to daily instruction in-law for a variety of domestic issues, and secondly, the husband will also become much more independent and finally come off the skirt of her mother. Therefore, if there is a possibility of a separate residence - it is better to use it. The less frequently think of - the dearer will.

If this is not possible, and we have to live together, then at least try not to compete with her mother in law. Mistress of this house will still be it. It is not necessary to go to war for the right to power, just politely offer help, for example, in the preparation of dinner. So in-law realizes that her only make life easier, but do not tend to survive.

Do not forget about elementary courtesies. Properly selected gift will be the beginning of good relations between the two lights. Young and vibrant in-law would be nice to get some new clothes (perfumes, gloves, purse), and a "home" like a woman more practical things: dishes, picture or set of bed linen.

If you show tolerance and diligence in the "conquest" of the heart-in-law, all perfectly formed, because her son you something as subdued.

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