How do I make my husband love

How do I make my husband love
 Many women who are in a serious relationship with a man, unhappy with the behavior of their partner and are willing to send their union in a romantic direction. Some of them doubt the love of her husband, comparing his present to past events. What a way to make your man fall in love with you?
 Love - a feeling which transcends any persuasion or mind. Can not anyone in this world to make you love through blackmail, threats or presentation requirements. You can only help to make you loved, constantly pleasing your partner. But if you play different roles, suppressing their true identity, foolish hope for love and happiness. True love is not based on hypocrisy, and on honesty and openness. Ultimately, when you drop the mask and show your individuality, your man will be disappointed and will run away from you.

To find your true love, you have to be present. Only if you love for who you are, with all the advantages and disadvantages, you can find true happiness. You can not love for the mind, or the appearance of some personal qualities. It is impossible to love a sense of duty. Man as an individual like a whole, without expanding its essence on the shelves.

So to love a man, you must first learn it. Sometimes love does not come immediately, but it can easily be confused with affection. Affection is different from love sincere impulse. If a person cares about your partner out of a sense of duty, because it is so accepted, without feeling inner desire to promote his happiness, it can hardly be called love. Most likely, it formed a habit, and your real significant other you have not met yet.

If you are unhappy in a relationship with a man and want to return his love, to reflect on whether he loved you before, and whether you like it now. Perhaps in the past you were not completely honest with them, suppressing their feelings and emotions. Try to understand whether you need it such as it is in reality. If he knew your true personality? If not, it's only your mistake. We have to learn to be yourself in any situation. This is the personal development of each individual. Also, really loving person never becomes require reciprocal love, because love is the meaning of life is to give free happiness and joy favorite person.

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