How do I know that my husband changes

How do I know that my husband changes
 Oh, those betrayal ... Forbidden fruit so sweet that not all men manage to avoid it. But few who comes to change, leaving absolutely no evidence, so most men are usually easy to catch on treason.

Usually female sixth sense does not sleep, and you can intuitively understand that the behavior of the spouse is not all right. If in addition you have noticed at least one feature of the following should probably start to sound the alarm. So, the main features of treason:


Your husband suddenly fell in love dress, decided to change his style or suddenly became interested in high fashion - for whom all this? It is unlikely that he has a midlife crisis, possibly on the horizon appeared young mistress.

Cell phone

If the spouse walks around the house "in the arms" with a mobile phone were not parted with it even in the bathroom, and once again trying not to give it to you in your hands, it's alarming. Maybe there is a number or sms, not intended for your viewing.

Lack of sex

It is always a reason not to make love: that he was tired, the stomach hurts, then head ... But all the same the husband takes the conjugal duty, it does it as boring and obligatory ritual.

Relationship to you

If it has changed dramatically, it is worth considering. For example, the husband suddenly lost interest in you, it is always something annoying: you're not wash the floor, do not sit, do not stand ... Or, on the contrary, calm, smooth relations suddenly explode fountain gifts to your side, syusyukanem no reason - maybe it's trying to make amends.

Loss of wages

For example, my husband works like a lot, until late in the evening, but the money really is not visible. If you've walked together in the restaurant or the movies, now instead he lost in the imaginary trips, for which then does not receive a penny from the top.

And, of course, this list should be added such obvious clues, as the trace of lipstick and the smell of perfume on the shirt, lingerie in the glove compartment of the car ... In general, reasons for jealousy always enough. But, if you have a marriage is all right, maybe you should not dig deep. Extra knowledge does not always bring good, and often is easier and safer to live in blissful ignorance.

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