Flirting on the side strengthens marriage?

Flirting on the side strengthens marriage?
 How do we not want to see the relationship eventually evolved into a normal life. After frustrating to go home and know that conversation with her husband (wife) will be reduced to the banal "how are you? ". To avoid this, you need a little more attention paid to ... someone else.

It's no secret that couples who have lived together for several years, much accustomed to this state and begin to see their favorite second half as the property, which has nowhere to stay. Flirtation on the side helps to feel again as young and attractive as a few years ago when you first met with her husband or wife.

45% of women and men claim that flirtation can strengthen marriage. But only in one case - if those pleasant emotions that you managed to get the other person, you bring in your own family and share them with your spouse. Most married people said that after a brief flirtation sex with your partner becomes more vivid and lasting.

It is worth noting that flirting in front of its second half may make it easier to jealousy. And this, in turn, serve as a signal, which can help a husband or wife to make sure that one's own half should be treated carefully, otherwise flirt grow into something more. For a couple of years of happy marriage, many couples forget about how much they are lucky with your beloved. The best way to remind about it - to get a little flirtation on the side.

Remember that the main thing in this case is not to overdo it. Why, then, instead of strengthening marriage, you have it broken. Be honest with yourself. Decide for yourself what you need to flirt? Because you want to shake things up a bit after years of married life? Then there is nothing catastrophic. But if you're in the early morning preparing for the 15-minute meeting with his pretty colleague - this is no joke. Allow yourself on the side of doing what you can allow yourself and the other half. Only in this case it will be a flirt, not a rapid step toward treason.

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