Family quarrels - resolution algorithm problems

Family quarrels - resolution algorithm problems
 Consider family life only happy holiday, pink mist shrouded pleasures once bitterly disappointed, among the roses suddenly discovering insidious and sharp thorns. But if without quarrels and conflicts periodic coexistence pair is not possible, at least, the ability to "right" to quarrel.

Of course, the taste of a good scandal with Brazilian passions and binding smashing crockery is sometimes quite tempting and often, paradoxically, is only for the benefit of family relationships, mired in mediocrity and household chores. But if a storm of emotions and the subsequent tender reconciliation - is just one of the common aspects of the life of the spouses, something completely different - a quarrel with accusations and reproaches.

After all, the greatest harm to family scandals is that pronounced hurtful things hurt injuring pride and the remaining stone lying on the heart for many years. And the word, like a heavy hammer that fell on the heart, can destroy even the strongest relationships, making impossible any attempt to reconcile.

That is why in the heat of the hottest quarrel no means to be led by emotions and, using all his restraint and tact, do not let hurtful words to destroy mutual respect and harmony. And no matter how difficult it may seem, should be sensitive and will in curbing the flow of their negative emotions.

Fairly common mistake often leads to the disintegration of families, and the desire of the spouses is in the midst of an argument to mention all past grievances and disputes over the years of living together. This way, in fact, leads to a dead end, because the recriminations would never end, and their alternate statement would nullify all previous efforts to bring peace to family life.

And because most faithful and correct action during an argument can be regarded as only one of the current discussion of the problem, which, in fact, was the reason for the quarrel. By connecting to such altercations cases of past years, there is no doubt in the second lunge opponent, and this will mean an open, painful and pointless war between two loving people.

Anyway, do not quarrel should lead to the breakdown of relationships, but only balanced and mature decision. And therefore easier to provide quarrels lead his double play to resolve current problems and at the same time giving a certain piquancy family weekdays.

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