Dependence on her husband how to be

Dependence on her husband how to be
 Often the woman is dependent on her husband in the material or psychological terms. Some of the fair sex from time to time is quite satisfied with this position until the start reproaches by a spouse. Therefore, any woman should aspire to a certain independence from their loved one.
 Harmonious relationship between man and woman should not be based on the dependence of any kind. Despite the fact that the couple together, you remain unique personalities with their own life goals and principles. True love involves democratic relationship in which no one is nobody's property. It should not be shackles limiting consciousness. She is able to give you the freedom joint.

If you are psychologically dependent on her husband, you would be hard to build a comfortable relationship with him. You can begin to demand from him too much time and care that he will not able to because of work commitments and numerous affairs. In addition, your spouse is not required to carry out with you all his spare time, he has the right to communicate with friends, their favorite things.

Some men also begin to manipulate a woman if her feel psychologically dependent on it. It may end up that you will start to lay on too many responsibilities, constantly forgive him. It can become more demanding and cynical. His humility and forgiveness, you risk a spoiled favorite. Of course, to keep a tight rein on him - it is not a solution. Need to find a middle ground.

Some of the fairer sex themselves contribute to the emergence of moral dependence on the husband, completely focusing all their attention on it, ceased to communicate with friends, engage in hobbies, creativity and personal self-improvement. Need to be interested not only beloved person, because he is not able to replace your whole world.

The material chosen is dependent on a lot of girls do not mind. So it is assumed that the man - the breadwinner and the woman - homemaker. But modern life provides many opportunities for career women implementation. You do not even need to become a business woman, you just have a job that brings you income and moral satisfaction. Beloved man is sure to be proud of you, if you can afford to provide at least some financial independence with the help of labor.

Thus, in your power to prevent that relationship with your loved one to limit your self-sufficiency. On the contrary, they should contribute to the development of your independence, of course, not at the expense of love and respect.

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