Advantages and disadvantages of civil marriage

Advantages and disadvantages of civil marriage
 Today's young people believe that before the wedding, they need to live together, to see if they are ready to link their fate. However, the civil marriage has both advantages and disadvantages that boys and girls do not always think about.

One can not deny the fact that civil (trial) of marriage is quite a big plus. Young people find themselves in a completely different world, where in addition to entertainment and recreation there are certain responsibilities. The young man now has to repair the wall outlet and cranes, and a girl - do household chores.

Often it turns out that people just are not ready for an independent life, they are not able to correctly calculate the family budget, so money is sometimes not even enough for the necessary things. But that's not all negative qualities partner, which may occur in the course of civil marriage.

For example, all of a sudden a wife opened totally unacceptable quality or habit. Sometimes have to put up with them, so as to correct a person is difficult enough, but in some cases people break up, can not stand each other. Then they say that they could not fit in the characters.

Thus, the civil marriage to determine whether these people live together in the present, a registered marriage. And this is a pretty big advantage.

On the negative side, the civil marriage may remain civil. When a young man begins to live with the girl, and it suits all, he is in no hurry to put the stamp in your passport. The fact that it is simply not necessary - why change something when so well.

The girl usually refers to a family life a little differently. For her stamp in the passport means getting a certain status, often life with your loved one without registration is considered native girls, as another fad. Civil wife and most want to quickly formalize relationships with loved ones, but here there are certain problems.

Chosen girls can begin to prove the love that a marriage certificate, and they do not need at all, because they are so happy to live without it. By the way, to convince the young man will not be easy. In this case it is recommended to start living together to discuss his term, after which the family council must decide the future of the couple.

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