Why change husbands wives

Why change husbands wives
 Men's infidelity is not uncommon? and such behavior partners have a thousand excuses. To be deceived by her husband - it is very painful. But, unfortunately, women themselves sometimes become a cause of change.
 It is said that man by nature are polygamous. Yes, indeed, there is a category of men. In most cases, cheating for them - it's a habit. They just like all the time to try something new, especially after drinking in a relaxed state. Such men are by nature - conquerors who seek to capture all new heights. And the level of adrenaline from this jumps dramatically. By the way, husbands are considered a kind of betrayal of improving family life.

But there is a completely different husbands, who are happy to spend my whole life with beloved women. And then on their way stands misconduct wife. For example, often deny their wives to husbands love and attention, it's cold in bed with them, attentive to their requests. In this case, a man, who did not find understanding with his wife, is to seek solace in the bed of another woman.

If the family are constant violent quarrel, a wife always dissatisfied with something, it is not surprising that a man will look for sympathy from the other. And if the beloved wife also questioned his male power, it will seek to assert themselves on the other, and it is natural.

If family life has been going on for several years, it may happen that the wife has ceased to monitor their appearance, buy beautiful clothes, to arrange a romantic evening. It is not trying to look attractive to her husband, while the hour spends near the mirror, going for a walk with her friends. Remember that for men looks and passionate women are very important, and your indifference to his looks, he will perceive very painful. In addition, so easy to give up a beautiful stranger, which is really important for whether he thinks it beautiful.

Remember that men who are prone to pathologically changed, in fact, not so much. And his wife almost always avoid infidelity of her husband. Try to always look attractive and show partner that it is important to note, even after several years of marriage. Learn to understand your man and his needs, and he, in turn, learn to understand and you. If you become the perfect woman, your husband will never dare to family happiness for the sake of another "skirt". Family life - is a constant work.

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