What is a perfect marriage

What is a perfect marriage
 Many believe that if nobody is perfect, therefore, a perfect marriage - is the limit fairytale fantasy that will never come true. However, many couples are happy in their family relationships and have their own recipe for the perfect marriage.

Entering into a new relationship at least on a subconscious level, both the man and woman are confident that their relationship should be, if not perfect, then at least close to it. But when there are conflicts, many of them abandon their partners and go in search of a new "ideal" relationship which will necessarily be perfect. The main problem of such pairs is that they tend to not to make the existing ideal relationship for them.

There are many criteria for determining what constitutes a perfect marriage, but the principles are the same in all of them. So, in a perfect marriage wife complement each other and are able to competently out of the conflicts and problems that arise in their life's journey. They love each other so that they can put up with the shortcomings of their halves, and not try to alter their characters. In addition, they are interested in working partner and his enthusiasm, try to learn about them as much as possible.

In an ideal marriage partners constantly develop and improve their relationships, while trying to minimize irritation of their halves actions that do not like those. They care about each other and are equally dependent on each other. However, they do not require proof of love from a partner, and yourself trying to bestow him with her love. In addition, they are able to listen to your partner and take his point of view.

However, there is, perhaps, such a marriage, which would be no dispute, for example, about what to watch on TV, what to do on the weekend, which pokleit wallpaper in the room or where to rest. In a perfect marriage, the spouses manage to find exactly those solutions that satisfy both parties. And probably one of the most striking features of the ideal of marriage is that the partners do not live past memories or dreams of the distant future, and appreciate what they have today.

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