The truth about male fantasies

The truth about male fantasies
 Male sexuality is very different from the female, they fancy more daring and risky. Girls even during intimate intercourse do not forget about tenderness and love to your partner, and young people are not averse to present themselves in bed with Angelina Jolie. Sexologists constantly conducting research with large groups of men and women, analyzing their desires and preferences.  
 Invariably, the most popular male fantasy of a threesome is she, he and she. Some representatives of the stronger sex dream about another formula: he, she and he. And, if first feeling its strength and confident in the ability to meet the two partners, the second requires an assistant! But dreams about yourself reclining on a bed of love surrounded by two seductive beauties, a man haunted his entire adult life. Those young people who want to do with the different sexes intima pair, have a tendency to bisexuality.

About 70-80% of men are not averse to watch secretly for the piquant mischief others. This fantasy can be realized if the contract with another couple, in which the young man also has a penchant for such pursuits. It may bring you too.

A number of men are often aggressive sexual intercourse, coercion and hurting women. However, the percentage of such visionaries low - 15 out of a hundred individuals in their dreams allow elements of sadism. But those who do not mind to try to whip charming and imperious mistress, much more - about 38%.

Confident men want to stay in their porn. And they are as much as 80%! These "macho" prone to narcissism and exhibitionism, because they are not averse to show these videos for everyone.

Sex games lesbian orientation is also very interesting for men. This fantasy is understandable - young people like to watch beautiful girls excited.

Student residences to their freedom of manners and weight of young sexy damsels remind men of orgy - another common erotic fantasies. Many in my life had such an experience and memories about such an extreme till now excite their blood.

But strawberries with cream and chocolate in bed men do not excite. They responded to the researchers, that all the sticky treat and leaves stains on linen, and it's not sexy! But none of the "macho" will not give up a snack with a glass of wine after sex.

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