The role of a happy woman

The role of a happy woman
 Every woman dreams of happiness. On the great love of a prince, children, like little angels. But it often happens that, having met her only, it can not decide on a relationship or constantly feels as if out of place: "And suddenly, it's over? ". Relax and lettered accustom ourselves to the idea that you can be happy. How exactly? It's very simple.

If the prince somewhere lost and not in a hurry to meet you, try to prepare for his appearance in advance. Look around yourself with a critical eye and think about how should look like a happy woman, loved the most wonderful man in the world. Nobody says that your appearance should be perfect, but some small things to change. Try experimenting with style, hair color and makeup - select an image in which you will be fine and comfortable and which effectively accentuate all of your dignity, hiding imperfections.

Learn to be happy that you have. And even if it seems that you do not have anything at all, look for the little things in life that you can smile with gratitude. Sunny day in the middle of winter, beautiful flowers on your window sill, stunningly delicious ice cream ... Believe me, you can find plenty of reasons to be a bit happier today.

In a relationship, too, is to focus on the positive. Many people do not notice the days and months lived quietly and calmly, and as soon as there is something unpleasant incident begin to swell to the size of an elephant. These people happiness and serenity instantly overlap minute grief and pain and it seems that all relationships consisted of a lie and irritation. Learn not to grease pictures of the past failures in this, the only way you will be able to keep your balance and feel gratitude for the lived clock.

Learn to pamper yourself. After all, only a happy woman can afford the small joys of a huge cake with whipped cream or groundless hike in the amusement park. Just do little nice things for yourself. Listen to what you want and follow their desires. You would think that this is selfish? Maybe just a little bit. But feeling that you can give yourself the joy of your own, you will be able to become truly happy.

Remember that happiness - is the internal state and to reach its only you can. Of course, we are happy doing different things, but above all, you must feel the opportunity to be happy. Only then will this happiness you all its facets and shine different colors.

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