The housing problem as the cause of family crisis

The housing problem as the cause of family crisis
 Young couples often face a housing problem: they want to have a home, but still no way to save enough money to purchase it. "Housing Problem" can spoil the relations not only between husband and wife, but also between parents and children and even completely destroy the family.
 Ideally, the couple must live apart from their parents. This is necessary for many reasons, because married people begin to work together to address all household, financial and other issues, and they are no one should interfere in this. However, unfortunately, often before the new husband is worth a difficult choice: either to look for a safe place to spend the money for rent and endure the whims of the owner of the house, or take out a mortgage in a few years or even decades to save, trying to pay their debts as soon as possible. There is a third option - to live with their parents.

If you decide to rent an apartment, please note that permanent spending money to pay for rent, as well as relations with the landlord may be a cause of conflict in the family. The situation is complicated by the fact that the pair want to quickly buy your own home, and because of the need to rent an apartment to spend a lot of money, depriving themselves of the opportunity to accumulate a large enough down payment and take the credit.

Mortgages can also be a cause of the crisis in the family: since the money will go to pay the debt, the couple have largely deny yourself. The situation is complicated if the couple a child is born. In this case, revenues are falling because young mother can not earn, and costs are rising.

Finally, living with parents sometimes leads not only to a crisis, and to destroy the family. The problem is that parents often begin to intervene in the lives of children, give unwanted advice, try in their own way to raise grandchildren and so on. The situation is gradually heating up, and at some point one of the spouses may decide that divorce is better than a marriage.

Remember that it is easier to prevent a crisis than to try to stop or mitigate the consequences. Analyze the problems outlined above and try to find a solution that is right for you. Try to see his wife in the protection and support, trust him, recalls his love, take care. Whatever problems you may have encountered, try to solve them together. Be patient, remember that your spouse is also very tired, and when it gets hard, imagine a house in which you after a while will certainly live.

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