The former, but this native

The former, but this native
 Sometimes former partners binds friendship. However, often it lasts exactly as long as one of them will fall in love for real. Then all the attention switched to the new relationship, and to communicate with the former do not have time. But there are cases where women control over their former shamelessly getting into their life, even creating a new strong couple.
 Girls often take an active part in the life of the former young people. Most often this occurs for two reasons. The first - the feelings are still hot, the woman hopes to resume relations, but does not want to scare off a man head. She behaves like a friend, takes part in family celebrations, assists, borrows money in loans. Sometimes these relationships are accompanied by periodic sex.

Girls entertain the hope that once the ex-boyfriend does not deny the meetings, then love can be returned. In most cases, it is futile dreams. Man just convenient with old acquaintances he always be able to meet their needs with her and shift some not very pleasant duties. But as soon as he meets the girl of his dreams, communication stops without explanation. But may pick up again if a new love that something went wrong. Ex-girlfriend in this case is the "alternate aerodrome", who is always ready to take "lost in the clouds plane."

The second reason - she finds the former almost maternal feelings and can not leave his life without attention. A typical representative of this type of ladies - Margarita Pavlovna Khobotova from the movie "Pokrovsky Gates". Excellent arrange your own personal life with Sawa Ignatievich, she never for a moment lose sight of the former spouse Leo is remarkable. It filters all his brides, controls what he wore and what he eats, gives tips on the operation and management of the economy. In this case, a man hard to get rid of the obsessive concern of the former partner. The only way - to stop all communication, change the phone number or place of residence. At least for a while. Otherwise you'll have to endure a lifetime control of the girl with whom a long time nothing binds successfully disguised as a caring and friendly attention.

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