The differences in the relationship with civil and Marriage

The differences in the relationship with civil and Marriage
 Some couples even after long-term relationships do not hurry to the registrar. Instead, they prefer to test themselves as "spouses for fun" - to live in the so-called civil marriage. Disputes about the difference in the relationship with civil and Marriage being a long time, but no consensus or not.
 In the public mind there is some confusion in terminology. Civil marriage is simply called cohabitation, it is a law called the actual family. In fact, this is a marriage registered in the state bodies of civil status, ie official. It arose as an alternative to the church.

Frequently raised issues related to the legal consequences of cohabitation. But there are those that focus on the differences between men and women have gathered together and put a stamp in the passport or living without it. Sometimes the fairer sex are wondering what changes after registration relations.

Psychologically relationship without the stamp easier and easier, especially for men. He sees them as not to burden his responsibility because he is not an official spouse and must not carry debt to society. For women, this relationship is practically indistinguishable from official - its traditional role in the home, regardless of the ring on the finger remain the same.

Not initially registered cohabitation seems pleasant and colorful - a couple around to help each other everyday problems do not bother them, and passion clouds the mind. But after a few weeks the situation is changing - partners see each other on a daily basis with all faults and bad habits. The next two to three months are the time and effort to get along lapping in the same apartment. You have to get used to the lifestyle of men and embed it in their usual occupation. Most couples are going through this period, having been reconciled with each other's shortcomings and continuing to live together in a peaceful rhythm. Sometimes this happens without a stamp in the passport.

Hike to the registrar means taking a certain responsibility to the other person. Relations after the wedding a little change, because now the pair becomes a full-fledged unit of society, with all the attendant. From the point of view of psychology, after marriage, and men and women are more difficult to make a decision on his retirement from the partner. They are careful approach to the issue clarify the relationship, try to find a compromise to save the marriage. Cohabitation is not binding partner bonds of law, therefore, does not require a long paperwork associated with divorce. In this type of relationship breakup occur more often and more easily.

Despite the psychological aspects, there are couples who deliberately refuse registration of their relationship. Perhaps they will live a long and happy life together, because every rule has its exceptions.

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