Planning a family budget

Planning a family budget
 Funneling money through your fingers? This happens to many, that is most often associated with the inability to plan their income and expenses. If you barely survive from paycheck to paycheck, reconsider their attitude towards their finances.

Family budget differs little from the state. The state budget for the year ahead painted. You also desirable to plan your income and expenses into several periods: one year, half a year, month, week. Dedicate time the case before pay, collecting family council to address the needs of everyone.

Your income, you know. Write 12 columns income that you receive each month. This includes salary, various benefits, including pensions, child care, child support, scholarships and so on. Based on the amount of income for the month, and you will plan costs. First, write down any major purchase, you want to make this year, and then proceed to the monthly planning.

Articles on spending a month in each family is different. But are mandatory:

- The cost of food;
- Travel expenses;
- The cost of clothing, shoes;
- Hygiene;
- Utilities;
- Payment for mobile communication;
- The cost of treatment;
- Incidental expenses.

Further included may be:

- The cost of gasoline;
- Charity;
- Expenditure on cosmetics, beauty treatments;
- Alimony;
- Payment of the loan;
- Tuition (kindergarten, school, university);
- Presents and festive table;
- Recreation and entertainment.

Write each type of flow in a separate line. Now you need to distribute all the money that you get for these items, leaving a small reserve, part of which you set aside for the purchase of something big, mostly empty in growth: Expand your contribution, buy shares liquidity of the company and so on.

Looking at the structure of their costs, you will surely find an item that a disproportionate amount of "eats" your money. More often than not, it's food and entertainment. Watch for the fact that it you can easily eliminate, and you are always short. For example, the most money consuming sweets and a variety of harmful products and products: cigarettes and alcohol. In doing so, you will not only cease to suffer from a lack of money, but also improve their health.

Help you in this program may be different for business or personal finance. Very easy to keep records of income / expenses in a spreadsheet Excel. Better to have your plan is always before his eyes. Print a table and hang in a prominent place. To visualize the structure of costs and revenues can be in the form of charts and graphs. They are also easy to do in Excel or special program.

Learning to live within our means is acquired over time. Having mastered this simple science, you get out of debt pits and make his family prosperous. Just try not to fall into the other extreme: do not be a miser.

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