Mysteries of male psychology

Mysteries of male psychology
 Men's vision of the world is very different from the female. No wonder often joke that "men and women are from different planets." Girls really can be difficult to understand the motives of young people. What are the main mysteries of the stronger sex psychology of mankind?

Firstly, we should not forget that the majority of men - there is a rational and think his head, while women trust their feelings and intuition. And it is because of this they do not understand each other. Although in this case is easy to understand the man, because he says what he thinks girls are trying to find a second meaning in each phrase.

As to the nature of the stronger sex, they have dominated the choleric temperament. In other words, they are often dominated by pessimistic, they are irritable, although it is considered as the female. They are assertive, decisive, sometimes aggressive and conceited.

Secondly, men are always confident in their appearance. If women are trying by all means to support and embellish existing beauty, the young people consider themselves irresistible. By the way, according to the results of the research, men are more likely to see themselves in the mirror than girls.

Third, how would the man was not sure of himself, he needs to confirm his superiority. That is why they asked the usual question: "You were good to me? ". If a girl wants to deeply offend a partner, it can be said that sex was weak. However, it is worth remembering, this phrase can cause deep depression young man.

It is worth noting that men are not yet fully realized female emancipation. In their view, the main purpose of the women were having children and housekeeping. And if a girl of 40 years has achieved great success in their careers, but had no time to get married and have a baby, then in the eyes of men, it will look like a loser.

And finally, do not need and try to change a man, adjust it "by itself". Of course, the strengths and weaknesses of his hand is necessary to know, but try to "do" out of it the perfect companion unlikely you'll get. But over time, people do change, but not because of the constant pressure partner, but because of the new vision of life and the changes of views on many issues.

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