Men in your character

Men in your character
 Nature has created man and woman different. We are different not only in appearance, we have different personalities, habits, needs. Maybe before, when the social functions of men and women were strictly differentiated, there was a sense to speak about female and male qualities, but today we can see that these concepts have already ceased to exist.

Previously, probably, too, were aggressive, motivated, punctual and business women, but the quality was not in demand - because they were engaged in farming and perform simple job, so all these qualities are treated purely masculine.

Today, women participate equally with men in political and business life, so here are just and they can express themselves, if they have the necessary "masculine" traits.

Even if you are studying, you already needed such qualities as commitment, punctuality, responsibility, ability to make quick decisions, focus on the implementation of the objectives and many others who continue to refer to the male.

These qualities are very much in demand and in your future life, and it is not necessarily only applies to work and career. Even in communicating with friends and family, in the family, you need skills such as the ability to resolve disputes and conflicts, is tolerant of the shortcomings of others, respect other people's privacy and not to go into it with his unsolicited advice. Men can learn more loyalty in friendship. Skill do of molehills, and many other useful qualities.

But you should not forget the fact that you are by nature - a woman so at their best - peacefulness, tenderness, attention, the desire for beauty and harmony. Allow yourself to women's weakness - can sometimes cry and give vent to emotions, capricious, enjoy the possibility to make a purchase.

Organic combination of all these qualities and character traits will allow you to integrate harmoniously with the realities of modern life - to solve problems and be male business man, while remaining charming woman.

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