Jealousy ex-husband

Jealousy ex-husband
 Marriages sometimes break down. This happens for a variety of reasons, ranging from the banal explanation "characters did not agree", ending adultery. In any case, the ex-wife becomes a free woman, and is free to carry on personal life on your own. But sometimes it this prevents ex-husband, who was tormented by jealousy. He can not bear the thought of divorce.
 Sometimes a man truly believes that all that happened - some silly nonsense that the former wife of his senses, realizes his mistake and want to return to it. But there is worse, for example, when life divorced woman turns into a real nightmare. Divorced spouse literally chases her heels, prevents encounters with other men, bombarded with endless phone calls and messages threatening. In the most severe cases, it comes to beating.

Russian law enforcement system, alas, very gently applies to such pathological manifestations of jealousy, not allowing women should protect. Like, it's just a showdown between loved ones, cute curse - just amuse, etc. Apotheosis of this - the cynical phrase like: "That's when he kills you, then we will intervene." Therefore, women willy-nilly most to defend himself, remembering the bitter saying: "Salvation drowning - the handiwork of drowning."

The best option - as soon as possible to marry a reliable, decent and preferably physically strong person. Then the former spouse will have to deal with it, and it certainly will cool his ardor. After all those pathological jealous cowardly, insecure people.

You can ask for help male relatives or close friends. Male conversation with insistence to leave the woman alone is enough to calm down jealous. It is important not to overdo it only to the defenders did not have to answer before the law.

Sometimes it helps a frank conversation with her ex-husband. If a man does not let obsession that the woman herself at heart regrets about divorce and ready to get back to it, we must try to dissuade him. Gently, politely but firmly. Ex-wife should assure that it had decided to divorce quite sensibly, weighing all the "pros" and "cons" that this is not a whim and not a whim, but a fait accompli, not subject to revision. To soften the bitterness of failure, a woman a man better assure that it will keep good memories of their life together and is willing to stay his friend.

If wounded pride ex-husband makes him deaf to reason, should be allowed to purchase a weapon of self-defense and how to use them. It will not hurt also enroll in courses on self-defense techniques. Resolute rebuff obtained jealous, can act on it like a cold shower.

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