I earn more than her husband: how to deal with this situation,

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 Historically, the man - the defender and breadwinner, the support and foundation of the family. Low standard of living of the majority of Russian families has led to the fact that the main role of men was precisely mining. His wife responsibilities homemaker, and her husband should adequately provide his wife and children - this is the mentality in our country, such beliefs. Such a model of relations literally absorbed with their mother's milk, and any deviation from the "norm" is perceived as an attempt to disrupt the usual course of things.

But there are situations when the wife makes a much greater contribution to the family budget. Usually this is a major blow to the male ego, and not every man is able to move his dignity. The situation is aggravated by the fact that women quite often, usually in a fit of anger during an argument, indicate their husbands on their higher income men accused in insolvency. Man loses faith in himself, the conflict is gaining momentum, and if no action is taken, this situation can lead to the disintegration of the family.

The decision seems to be on the surface - it is necessary to leave the woman paying job, and the conflict is reached. But voluntarily give up a good income in today's reality, it is hardly reasonable. More than a wise decision - to try to smooth the conflict by any means available.

First of all a woman needs to teach myself not to focus on their own income, especially when foreign people. Man as getters, it is difficult to go through the fact that he brings to the family less than a woman, and especially hard to admit it in front of friends and family. During meetings with friends is not necessary to advertise your income, you can sometimes even invent down.

If the wife sees that her husband is constantly experiencing due to the difference in income, it is necessary to speak frankly about the problem far-fetched. A woman should explain to the man that any achievements or failures in the family - it is a merit of both spouses. Moreover, that situation may at any time change, my husband will find (if you want!) A better paying job or a wife, tired of the career race, decides to devote himself to the family.

A wife who earns more than her husband should never reproach him for this. In no case can not be compared with her husband's other, more successful men. You can not force her husband to perform "feminine" jobs, citing the fact that he earns less, and therefore should be a "housewife" (ask for help with household chores can be a man, but to ask, and not force, and be sure to thank them for help, praise).

We can not allow a situation where the husband is forced to ask for money from his wife. Keep a certain amount for living expenses in an accessible place (denoting that it is a common means!), So as to beg for pocket money from his humiliating women for men, and at times unbearable.

Save the family relaxed atmosphere, decent exit from any position and negate any conflict, help love and understanding between spouses. One has only to her husband to understand that he is not obliged to live up to the stereotypes imposed by society, and the problem will be solved.

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