Husband Weekend

Husband Weekend
 What are you willing to go to keep the family together? Forgive each other all the sins, or to swear not to look at other members of the opposite sex? A live separately ready? Such a marriage where the couple are not common household, but only occur from time to time, called the guest marriage or marriage weekend. In recent years, this form of marriage is gaining more and more popularity.

Someone calls guest marriage union of two egoists who do not wish to be bound by any obligations. According to them, this is not a marriage, and periodic intimate rendezvous. And someone, in contrast, seems very convenient that the couple just nice to spend time together, not bothered domestic difficulties and clarify the relationship.

But you make a mistake, believing that the guest marriage - a vicious child of modernity. Remember how it was in the days of noble husband - revolutionary or civil servant lives in a city apartment in Moscow, and his wife - at the country estate, with children. And the husband has time and energy to deal with global problems, and his wife, though bored, but free from the daily skirmishes with the pious. Freshness feeling persists, everyone is happy, everyone is happy. So there is nothing fundamentally new in no guest marriage. So why is it causes such conflicting opinions about yourself?

On the one hand, the circumstances are different in lifetime. For example, young people - students living in different cities. They have opportunities to move out in one place, here and visit each other's homes during the holidays due to nonsense not to lose love. And then graduate from their universities and healed, finally, a full family.

Or, say, a young woman with three children and her new boyfriend. Not every man get along with other people's offspring, even if it is the woman he loved children. What, then, absolutely sever relations?

Or situation, common among the creative elite - the husband works hard, travels on business trips and at home is very rare. But the family is provided for one hundred percent. Although this case is not entirely guest marriage, because such families tend to eat and joint property, and children, and a strong relationship - almost like a noble seat.

And if people just decided to simplify my life easy, nothing insignificant relationship, it is unlikely that such a guest marriage is worthy of respect. This alliance does not assume any responsibility. And what would happen if the partner suddenly decides to have a baby? What are the chances of a future baby, that it will educate both parents and not one mother? In addition, the meeting with the person, you start to become attached to it, such a marriage begins to weigh because of the lack of prospects.

But in any case, to live in the guest married or not - this is a private matter.

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