Husband got to his feet, and his wife was not needed

Husband got to his feet, and his wife was not needed
 Young couple. They still do not, but there is a feeling. It seems that they are always together, supporting each other.

Common aspirations, attempts to achieve something unite husband and wife. She forgiving (delay at work, lack of attention to it, etc.), trying to be understanding. Smoothing out the rough edges, wife creates all conditions to the head of the family has built his career. It tries to create a comfortable psychological environment at home to a man could have a rest. And he appreciates it, but to a certain point.

 Over time, the husband gets used to create conditions and take it for granted. About the fact that his wife also have some desires, he does not think. Together with some success at work he develops new interests, dating goals. Husband not to notice a woman who has been staying there. In case of further progress in their careers, it becomes just do not need it.

 Is it possible to correct or prevent a similar situation? Wife in any case should not forget about yourself. Dissolved in a husband, it loses its individuality ceases to pay attention to their needs. As a result, it becomes uninteresting for her husband, one of the usual conditions for a comfortable life. Take care of yourself, review your wardrobe. Show husband that besides him you have other interesting things. Uncover yourself in a new way, interest him. Alternatively, show some cooling in relation to the spouse, become independent.

 You can gently remind her husband that his many achievements, he is obliged to wife. Arrange the soiree, review photos.

 Often, such a marriage ends in divorce. The man eventually realizes that he has lost, parting with such a woman. But it is too late.

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