How to return her husband after infidelity

How to return her husband after infidelity
 On the topic of infidelity and love triangle written many books and filmed a lot of movies. Caught in this situation in reality, a woman in pain, anger and frustration. But in spite of these negative emotions, many deceived wives tend to forgive a spouse and try to win back his love. How to return her husband's family, while maintaining their dignity?
 After learning about the change, you should try to keep emotions. Drove spouse, you own "donate" his opponent. In addition, you will have a considerable advantage - because the apostate does not know about your awareness.

Analyze the situation and try to understand the causes of infidelity. This can be a midlife crisis, boredom, desire to have fun, accident, etc. Sometimes a successful man can become a victim of women seeking a rich husband. In any case, you should try to re-interested in her husband, to excite his "hunting" instinct.

Take care of your appearance. Begin to regularly visit a beauty salon, a wardrobe update. Stop finally save on them! This change necessarily rush to his wife in the eye, and shopping effectively distract you from experience.

Buy a set of beautiful lace lingerie and wear it when you come with a friend to go to the movies or cafes, most importantly - let the wife see new clothes before leaving the house.

Find yourself a hobby or a new hobby. Stop annoying when husband in the output will be collected on a fishing trip, or chat with friends. On the contrary, help him not to be late. Abrupt change in behavior will bring him to the idea that you have other plans.

Change the everyday lifestyle. If he is used to that in the evening you are waiting for her husband with a hot meal, try to come home later it. Of course, you must have a convincing answer to the question where you were. Sometimes let her husband see your dreamy and pensive expression on his face. Be a little more scattered and less attentive to her husband. Stop calling him on his mobile and do not ask about the reasons for the delay.

All the above methods are based on the principle of driving the male interest. Your goal - to shake him, to get to see you in an attractive woman. However, such methods can not be carried away, especially if your spouse is too jealous and short-tempered.

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