How to return the love of husband

How to return her husband's love
 May eventually blunt even the strongest feelings. Inures habit, and her husband, whom you once seemed the most beautiful and extraordinary, today behaves coldly, if you are not interested in him at all.
 If you realize that you can not live without this person, and you need to return his love, ready to work on himself.

Some women think that if a man is married, you can give up the slack and stop to take care of themselves. If you make this terrible mistake, take immediate grasp for the fix. Visit a beauty salon, a manicure, pedicure and change her hairstyle. When a woman makes even a minimal change of image, it feels rejuvenated and becomes interesting to others.

Make sure you get to play sports, exercise can help to fix the shape and strengthen the nervous system. Within a month of intensive training you will become more attractive and confident. Your lover can not help but notice these changes.

Be inquisitive, develop a sense of humor, read good literature, men like to communicate with interesting women. These ladies keep them in good shape, with them there is always something to talk about.

Do not get annoying, do not call him every hour. On the contrary, show her husband that you good without it. If you could not live without him, and minute, now is the time to show independence. The publication, go to the theater, exhibitions, communicate with friends. Independent woman is much more likely to wake up in the male interest and passion than the one that always plays the role of a housewife.

Do not be jealous without reason, men tend to admire the pretty the opposite sex. It is not necessary to equate the views of other women to adultery. Rather, try to find out what attracted his attention other women, and remove from it for themselves.

If you understand that you can not cope with the situation, go to a psychologist. The specialist will help you understand yourself and find out the true cause of the problem. Perhaps you'll bring her husband's love with it.

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