How to return her ex-husband

How to return her ex-husband
 Getting married, no woman knows how many years it will have to live in a marriage. Only true love is worth a lot of efforts to preserve the family in the case of adultery, and only a woman can decide to return to her husband in the family or not.
 In most cases, care of a spouse of the family is a tragedy for the other, bringing unbearable pain and disappointment. If your relationship from the very beginning of your family life were trustworthy, you love each other, support in difficult times, you have common children, and you feel that love is not extinguished, it is worth thinking about how to return to the family of her husband.

Analyze the current situation, do not blame around her husband, because divorce is always to blame for both spouses. Think, what's your fault, you may be accustomed to the fact that her husband loves you, and he stopped paying due attention.

Your task - to understand the reason why your relationship is no longer the same, what was missing husband in your home, which caused him to look on the side of the relationship. Perhaps you tried to re-wife, alter it, forgetting about his desires and interests.

Remember how you looked in the early years of your family life, pay more attention to their appearance, go to the barber shop, buy a new dress, in a word, change yourself. Remember, your husband at the time chose you as his wife, you were his love, this is an important fact, allow us to hope that her husband might return to the family, if the reason for his departure was your inattention to his needs.

If you really want to return to her husband, remain calm, keep in touch with him, trying to gradually draw him into your family business, which he still considers his. He is known for your reliability in difficult situations, which can not be said of his new beloved. If it makes a mistake, and you show a good side, the husband is likely to choose you.

Sit and wait for the return of her husband - the last thing that can be done in this situation. Try to escape and live life to the fullest. Husband should not think that you are lost without him, sorry will not bring anything good in the relationship. Your independence will awaken in him a feeling of jealousy, he begins to understand what his wife had lost. If it does not, do not despair, release the situation, thank him for his years of happily lived together and begin to rebuild their lives.

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