How to mend relations with her husband

How to mend relations with her husband
 Why are between wife and husband so often spoil the relationship? Psychologists believe that the whole point of the differences between the characters. But is it possible to return to spoil relations in the old channel? Yes, but only under the condition that the spouses were some feelings, and they want to keep the family together.

First of all, decide that in this relationship you are not satisfied in the first place. What would you like to change? That your partner does not it? Only need a very serious approach to this issue, competently and accurately build the answers to the partner, it was clear what he should do. Naturally, you need to be prepared and to the fact that your attitude and behavior may not like his wife.

Between husband and wife can build relationships if you start to show more love and respect. Do not try to humiliate the partner, it only further worsen the relationship between you. Tune in to positive communication. To have started to respect, first of all, themselves start to show it.

If you are not the first year together, in the heart of every one of you have accumulated a lot of unspoken claims, frustration, resentment. And thanks to a positive attitude, trust and mutual respect, you will create an atmosphere in which each of you will feel comfortable. If the relationship you begin to see only the positive, then tune your spouse on the same wave. Then each of you will be able to realize all the mistakes and successfully get out of the situation.

Try also a kind of game for the exchange of positive emotions. Decide what you want to receive from a partner, and then arrange a barter. That is something you give and get something in return. For example, if you want to meet your husband after work, then so be it. If he wants to sleep you could hear it, I agree. It's so simple - to try to understand their loved one.

Do not be afraid manifestations diplomacy. Family relations are time-consuming process that requires full-time commitment of spouses. Make a family plan, which includes all the desires of your and your spouse.

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