How to get rid of love addiction

How to get rid of love addiction
 Love dependence (addiction) and love - it's a completely different state. For love is characterized by the development, according to - stagnation in love are both free, depending on - they enslave each other, love - respect for self and others, the relationship - this distrust and fear.  
 Being able to love addiction a person becomes unable to productively live independently, as his mental life is mainly determined by the state in which at this stage are his relationship with another person.

To be free from love addiction and achieve peace of healing, a woman must first realize that she has become dependent. Do it themselves sometimes can not. Therefore, sober and dispassionate look the part in this situation is priceless.

Healing in this case is not just a way out of the relationship, but cure the underlying causes that lead to dependence. This can help psychologist, thanks to specialist addiction can become free and whole, and not someone's cherished half. Of course, the psychologist can not live your life for someone else. But the specialist will provide an opportunity to take advantage of his knowledge, learn to navigate the world of the senses.

Self-help women currently using constant, conscious work on yourself. Back to reality, you can use exercise, yoga. The dependent must remember about himself, his former hobbies, make contact with old friends, to try to live life to the fullest.

There are also special exercises to help women gain confidence and take another look at their experiences.

Get rid of love addiction and to get back to normal life, you can use visualization techniques. To do this, we should remember an unpleasant situation, when the partner was rude, inattentive. Mentally review the situation and feel it. Then the woman should imagine that it begins to grow. Here it reaches the size of the size of a house, then a quarter, now the city at her feet, her situation seems at first a dark speck, speck and then disappears altogether. The whole world is it, and it creates its own universe, and in this world, as assigned, so be it.

Also from unpleasant experiences will help get rid of the following equipment. Need an A4 sheet, colored markers, crayons or paint. First you need to scroll through their experiences in the head and once again feel them, and then disconnect from the flow of thoughts and immerse yourself in silence and in this state to draw. When the drawing is ready, it should be considered. Reaction to the drawing can express the true response to an established relationship.

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